The SHEILA project has joined ‘SIG LACE’ under the umbrella of the Society of Learning Analytics Research (SoLAR). SHEILA is the first learning analytics project that takes the opportunity to join the SoLAR SIG LACE which has been established on the achievements of the very successful FP7 project LACE.

The LACE SIG can be leveraged to support the work of SHEILA while maintaining their separate initiatives. This collaboration reinforces the dialogue among the different communities involved (including policy leaders), improves communication channels and understanding. It also enhances the exploitation of the project’s results and promotes their visibility and sustainability, at an early stage in the case of SHEILA. This strategy is in line with LACE’s aim of feeding its tools through to other learning analytics projects.

SHEILA thanks LACE for providing the context and for kindly sharing its communication tools and is looking forward to the fruitful collaboration.