SHEILA group concept mapping study

The results of the SHEILA group concept mapping (GCM) study have been accepted for publication at EC-TEL 2019. Scheffel, M., Tsai, Y.-S., Gašević, D. & Drachsler, H. (2019) Policy matters: Expert recommendations for learning analytics policy. In M. Scheffel, J. Broisin, V. Pammer-Schindler, A. Ioannou, & J. Schneider (Eds.), Proceedings ...

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SHEILA final research report

Tsai, Y.-S., Gašević, D., Whitelock-Wainwright, A., Muñoz-Merino, P. J., Moreno-Marcos, P. M., Fernández, A. R., Kloos, C. D., Scheffel, M., Jivet, I., Drachsler, H., Tammets, K., Calleja, A. R., and Kollom, K. (2018) SHEILA: Supporting Higher Education to Intergrade Learning Analytics Research Report (PDF)

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