Map Political Context

Identify internal and external drivers for learning analytics, and attend to associated challenges in this context.

Identify internal and external drivers for learning analytics.

Wrongly assume that learning analytics can provide all answers without having identified a question first.

What are the reasons for adopting learning analytics?

Identify Key Stakeholders

Identify stakeholders that need to be involved in the design, implementation, and evaluation phases, and attend to associated challenges of stakeholder involvement.

Identify primary users of learning analytics.

Marginalise hard-to-reach students by distinguishing students who opt out and those who opt in.

Will there be mechanisms to address inequality?

Identify Desired Behaviour Changes

Identify changes that is expected to happen to the institutional environment or particular stakeholders, and attend to associated challenges in bringing about such changes.

Indentify expected 'changes' to the current context and key stakeholders.

Users may game a learning analytics system.

How will the purpose of learning analytics be communicated to users?

Develop Engagement Strategy

Plan strategic steps that can lead to the changes identified in Dimension 3, and address emerging challenges in the strategic planning process.

Establish a diverse working group that includes teaching staff and students.

Over rely on data and fail to consider the experience and knowledge of teaching staff.

How will the results of learning analytics be interpreted within the context?

Analyse Internal Capacity to Effect Change

Evaluate institutional readiness to carry out the strategic plan identified in Dimension 4, and attend to associated challenges in improving institutional readiness.

Evaluate institutional culture on issues such as trust in data and openness to changes.

The maturity of data literacy varies amongst stakeholders and facilities.

What training will be deployed to scale up data literacy and incorporate LA into practice?

Establish Monitoring and Learning Frameworks

Define success indicators (both qualitative and quantitative), and attend to associated challenges in planning a monitoring framework.

Establish qualitative and quantitative indicators of success.

Fail to recognise and address limitations of data and analytics models.

What are the limitations of learning analytics, i.e. what can be done and what not?